Willemin-Macodel Wins the SVC Award

Willemin-Macodel, a family-owned SME based in Delémont, recently won the favor of the jury at the last SVC Award. The jury’s choice was based on the company’s exemplary governance and business longevity in a highly competitive sector. Next to Willemin-Macodel was the renowned watch brand, Richard Mille. The victory of both brands doubled the awards that went to the canton of Jura. Despite the unfavorable waves of the COVID-19 pandemic,

Traveling safely through the Gotthard Base Tunnel with Siemens technology

The world’s longest railway tunnel, The Gotthard Base Tunnel, opens for passenger transport The first passenger train will roll through the Gotthard Base Tunnel early June 2016. Siemens has supplied the tunnel control and fire protection systems for the world’s longest railway tunnel. The sophisticated safety system has over 200,000 sensors, and places maximum demands on logistics and data processing. The control system controls and monitors all installations completely automatically.

Apple previews watchOS 3 faster and simpler

watchOS 3 faster, simpler with breakthrough health features Apple previewed watchOS 3, featuring significantly improved performance with the ability to launch favorite apps instantly, enhanced navigation like the new Dock and all-new fitness and health capabilities for Apple Watch. Available this fall, this software update introduces the breakthrough Breathe app, designed to encourage users to take a moment in their day to do deep breathing exercises for relaxation and stress

Volvo hybrids emission-free electric buses in Luxembourg powered by ABB

Luxembourg was one of the first cities in Europe to implement buses with hybrid technology. In 2011, the first Volvo hybrids were delivered, today 14 Volvo 7900 Hybrids operate in the city. “The decision to operate the first electric Volvo hybrids plug-in buses by the end of 2016 in the City of Luxembourg perfectly aligns with our continuous efforts to create a sustainable city. The society will immediately benefit from

Motorola Z and Moto-Mods by Motorola

Motorola Z – Meet the razor with Moto-Mods-thin future of smartphones Motorola has joined the rest of the gang in stepping up the game with a premium build quality for the new Moto Z line-up. Of the two, the Moto Z is the thinner, and slightly slimmed down cousin to the Moto Z Force. Though what it compromises with a smaller battery, and lower resolution camera, it makes up for by

ASUS Announces Transformer Book T302

Exquisitely-styled (the Transformer Book T302) thin and light 12.5-inch 2-in-1 detachable laptop features keyboard with secondary battery pack that increases battery life up to a class-leading 15 hours ASUS today announced Transformer Book T302, the latest in its pioneering family of detachable 2-in-1 laptops. Transformer Book T302 features a detachable keyboard with an integrated secondary battery that extends T302’s total battery life up to 15 hours[1] when attached — currently

L500 R HYbrid, how PEUGEOT sees the future of motor sport

On 30 May 1916, the PEUGEOT L45 driven by Dario Resta won the mythical Indianapolis 500 race, at an average speed of 135 km/h. A hundred years later, PEUGEOT L500 R HYbrid, a futuristic interpretation of the Indy spirit, pays tribute to the incredible “Charlatans” team that brought PEUGEOT three superb US victories on the Indy 500 speedway from 1913 to 1919. A racing concept for intense driving sensations PEUGEOT L500

The World’s Most Mind-Blowing Natural Phenomena

Confined to the skies above Venezuela’s Lake Maracaibo, the Natural Phenomena ceaseless streaks of Catatumbo lightning have captivated the interests of scientists, explorers and artists for centuries. For nearly half the year and up to ten hours a day, the natural methane and oil deposit-caused phenomenon can be observed in the bucolic Venezuelan horizon up to 280 times an hour. And if you happen to visit Venezuela when the lightning

Fingerprints change over time, but not enough to foil forensics

In both TV crime dramas and real-life courtrooms, fingerprints are often the lynchpin connecting a criminal to a crime. Many studies have demonstrated that the loops, whorls, and arches on an individual’s “friction ridge skin” are unique enough to be admissible as evidence, but few have investigated whether they remain the same over time. Therefore, fingerprints have been used by law enforcement and forensics experts to successfully identify people for


Improvisation is the process of devising a solution to a requirement by making-do, despite absence of resources that might be expected to produce a solution. In a technical context, this can mean adapting a device for some use other than that which it was design thinker for, or building a device from unusual components in an ad-hoc fashion. Improvisation in the context of performing arts is spontaneous performance without specific