BMW Series continues its winning streak

BMW Series 5 crowned Most Popular Large Premium Car at Honest John Awards. • Autocar names BMW M2 as its ‘Game Changer’ in 2016. • BMW i8 tops its class for the second year running at the International Engine Awards. The BMW 5 Series has once again trumped its competition and been named Most Popular Large Premium Car at 2016 Honest John Awards. Despite having been on sale for longer

Amazing Story of Courage and Leadership Stayed Secret for 50 Years

Amazing Story of Courage and Leadership Stayed Secret for 50 Years – Early in his career, Sir Nicholas Winton was a stockbroker; in later years, he worked for international relief organizations and other charities. But for 50 years, nobody knew his greatest achievement and contribution to humanity. We often celebrate entrepreneurs for being dynamic business leaders. That’s a good thing, but entrepreneurship itself doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with

Four essential Cs of a startup entrepreneur

Over the years, I have had the chance to informally meet many startup entrepreneurs both in India and overseas. More recently through the launch of Wipro Ventures, Wipro’s $100-million (`640 crore) fund focused on new age technologies, these interactions have increased and become more formal. While most startups that I meet are in the technology space, I have noticed 3-4 key attributes that stand out in the startup entrepreneurs that

Europe’s Best Cities for Business

Europe’s Best Cities for Business. Expensive, yes, but London is still Europe’s top-ranked place to locate a business. Others are gaining, though, but real estate and labor costs are pushing many to make their homes in smaller and farther-flung European cities. Many companies doing business in Europe have long considered it essential to have a prestigious and pricey address in London, Paris, or another major capital. But with big-city real estate

Do we understand success? What learner agility persons are doing?

Do we understand success? What learner agility persons are doing? and why they seems to archive success? Most of all regular hard working people ask them self: Do I understand success?. How can I archive success?. Which are the main step to follow?. What should I do or not do for leadership achievement?. It’s there a secret recipe to do something genius? How some people are doing it?. I guess

Smart carryon lets you track bag’s location and charge other devices

A campaign to crowdfund the “world’s first Smart carryon, connected!” reached its goal of $50,000 in two hours and one minute on Indiegogo Monday. Bluesmart luggage connects the Smart carryon to a mobile app that allows travelers to track the bag’s proximity, digitally lock and unlock it, check the bag’s weight, show travel data and track routes. The creators are not the first to propose GPS-tracked bags, but they have

How to start a business – when you’re 11

Young entrepreneur Ben Towers employs 15 people at his digital agency start-up. Here, he talks to Startups about the challenges of life as a teenage entrepreneur and how to solve them… I started my first business aged 11, now 16 years old I hire a team of 15 and have worked with over 500 businesses to help them achieve their digital media goals (websites, graphics, hosting, branding, printing and SEO).

Uber competitor Sidecar now lets drivers set their own prices

Sidecar is gunning hard for a competitive edge over Lyft and Uber in the crowded ridesharing mobile app fast lane. The San Francisco-based startup this week announced that it’s rolling out an innovative new customization model that gives riders and drivers more control over their fares and rides than ever before. And, no, adding oversized fuzzy mustaches to their cars’ grills thankfully isn’t part of the plan. The company, founded

Vancouver’s growing tech outpost searches for anchors

“Double-edged sword.” That’s the common phrase I heard from people in the Vancouver tech community when we talked about how U.S. tech firms are increasingly setting up engineering outposts in the city. As I reported in this week’s magazine, U.S. tech firms that include Amazon (AMZN) and Microsoft (MSFT) are turning to Vancouver as a workaround for the stateside talent wars. The city is close to Seattle and San Francisco,