A Way to Make Any Headphones Wireless

A Way to Make Any Headphones Wireless. Wireless headphones have been around for a while, but a device that can make any old set of headphones wireless is about to hit the market. Launching their Kickstarter campaign today, the team behind the Spiro X1 wants to give you a no-strings-attached listening experience. The Spiro X1 (or “X1” for short) is a circular device that plugs into headphones using the connection

Origami batteries

Origami batteries, could one day power biosensors for use in remote locations, developed by Binghamton University researcher Seokheun Choi. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, can be used to create beautiful birds, frogs and other small sculptures. Now a Binghamton University engineer says the technique can be applied to building Origami batteries, too. Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, can be used to create beautiful birds, frogs and

Swiss university to offer zero-gravity flights

Swiss university to offer zero-gravity flights. The University of Zurich will become the second place in Europe to carry out zero-gravity flights in order to study the effects of a weightless environment. Through parabolic flights launched from the Dübendorf military air field by the French company Novespace, individuals who are willing to pay CHF8800 ($9366) will be able to experience weightlessness without leaving Earth’s atmosphere. The University of Zurich will

LEGO bricks turned into scientific tool to study plant growth

LEGO bricks turned into scientific tool to study plant growth. Engineers are using LEGO bricks to build controlled environments to study how variations in climate and soil affect plant growth. They say LEGO bricks “are highly convenient and versatile building blocks” for the studies. While looking for a way to study plant and root growth that was simple, inexpensive and flexible — something that allowed experiments to be reproduced all

Cloud technology provides advantages to construction

Cloud technology provides significant advantages to construction industries. When you’re in an industry as mobile as the construction industry, finding economical ways to improve productivity and customer relations is always a top priority. The construction industry often requires the coordination of key players across multiple job sites. Effective project management practices must be put into place in order to successfully complete each job. From communicating with clients and staff  to having

Creative Survival in a Wisdom Economy

Creative Survival in a wisdom Economy.- Recently, during a web surfing. One article got our attention regarding Wisdom Based Workplaces. It seems that lately, trust, transparency, and opening your heart to lead a workplace with kindness is truly what matters, especially when it comes to determining the survival of the creative in a wisdom based economy. A Wisdom Based Economy develops brands that can break boundaries and companies that support creative

Flir FX: Versatile wireless HD camera

If you have a Security Camera, How much time do you invest reviewing all recorded video?. Now it’s no longer necessary to spend that kind of time, because the people of FLIX has launched the new FLIR FX. It’s a versatile wireless HD camera that allows you to recap a day in a few seconds and keep an eye on the things that you really care about. With an Android or

Margherita: The Sustainable Italian Lamp

Sustainable design firm Izmade releases Margherita lamp with an eco-friendly production process and modern design Izmade, a sustainable design collective from Turin, Italy, released their Margherita lamp this December for international production.   The Margherita lamp is one of many products from Izmade’s line of sustainable furniture and home accessories. “The Margherita lamp embodies our entire self-made, sustainable philosophy here at Izmade”, said Izmade’s founders. “Every day Turin alone over 15,000 tomato

SABIC Dishes On 3D-Printed Car Materials

Local Motors and Cincinnati Inc. made history earlier this month when they 3D printed an entire Strati EV on the show floor at IMTS in Chicago. A lesser-known story focuses on the material used to accomplish this feat, and that’s what SABIC has revealed to Design News. The Strati car was 3D printed with SABIC’s LNP STAT KON AE003. This is a carbon fiber-reinforced compound based on the company’s CYCOLAC

Elon Musk’s futuristic spaceport is coming to Texas

Elon Musk’s industrial empire continues it methodical expansion. This week the Federal Aviation Administration signed off on SpaceX’s plan to build a spaceport in South Texas. Everyone should be excited about this, because Musk wants to construct the kind of spaceport people are used to seeing in sci-fi movies and take launch technology up a notch. The goal, more or less, will be to create an automated station where machines